Gaian Solutions offers dynamic content delivery products and solutions to the new generation television ecosystem of broadcasters (television channel providers), MSOs (DTH, Satellite, and Cable Operators) and enterprises (Retail, Large Corporate, and Government). The products and solutions affect a wider network of entities, primarily, the advertising fraternity, SMEs, and end consumers.

Gaian provides a gamut of products and services that helps its customers deliver high-precision and targeted content to a variety of displays. Gaian installations are spread across the globe including US, APAC, Mexico, and Maldives.

What is the need of the moment?—Bringing it all together

Homes only had TVs as a source of entertainment, information, and news but now they have many devices such as PCs, Mobiles, and tablets to satisfy the growing hunger for content. Until the beginning of this decade, these other devices were seen as complementary. However, with the advent of faster internet connections and rapid improvement in technology, consumer homes—including the ones in emerging markets—have one or more laptops, tablets, and smartphones competing for the same eyeballs. TVs have started losing their exclusivity to offer content. By 2020, online video consumption is likely to overshoot traditional linear TV watching.

This trend is a direct message to the content distributors to evaluate and upgrade their offerings in order to safeguard their territory in the content to consumer value chain. With a clear pattern of consumer movement to the internet, it is no longer enough to fall back on subscriber cash and ad revenues. So, how do content distributors who understand this shift stay ahead? An enhanced multiservice platform is the answer. And the time to change is now!

We don’t lock you into technology—we set you free

Gaian Solutions provides a first of its kind PaaS that brings together the traditional world of linear television and a ‘future ready’ layer of unique value additions and advanced revenue generating services. Our technology platform is crafted to revolutionize content delivery and consumption in a content distributors’ network. Our aim is to partner with MSOs in emerging markets and enable them to deliver personalized and relevant entertainment, information, and commerce services. Furthermore, we also enable end users to access these services not only from their TVs but all kinds of devices, at a time and place of their convenience.

From the beginning, we have set the bar high for technological innovation in digital TV, achieving an unrivalled array of industry firsts.

As our knowledge and expertise grows over the years, we renew and redefine our technology. And this continuous process has enabled us to evolve and make huge advancements in the way TV content is broadcasted, enjoyed, and combined with other services. We work hard to stay ahead in the game.

Gaian Solutions builds products and solutions that fulfill long-term customer deployment needs. The GaiaTV Platform’s design and evolution are key to understanding the quality of our products and solutions.

The GaiaTV Platform is built based on the following design paradigms:

Future Ready: The digital signage and IPTV ecosystems are fast evolving and so is the Gaian Platform. Gaian platform provides features and solutions that serve your current and future information dissemination and content delivery needs. We provide:

  • Durability for at least the next 10 years
  • Modular upgrades with ISO compliant modules to meet new ecosystem challenges and opportunities

Usability: With the advent of newer devices and communication modes, the way we work and interact with software becomes ineffective. Gaian Solutions makes it a point to understand how users communicate with our systems and sub-systems. Gaian Solutions clearly identifies these aspects and works towards providing improved user experience to meet the changing customer needs. We provide:

  • Remote operability
  • New features/solutions that need minimal to no learning curve
  • Voice-recognition, touch, visual, and gesture operations

Versatile Usage: New technical standards bring new ways of handling content distribution. The Gaian Platform keeps itself up to date to cover versatile usage scenarios. We provide:

  • Internet feeds and informative programs
  • Kiosk operation mode
  • Interactive training modes

Rugged operations: Along with the product capabilities, the content delivery ecosystem itself is making way for new types of customers and new business environments. Gaian Platform is built for rugged and ever-changing operations. We specialize in:

  • Industrial design
  • Sub-system rating and military quality certifications
  • Certification for IP65 operations

Multi-level redundancy: System failure scenario monitoring is crucial, especially, in a full-blown Gaian Platform deployed at customer’s premises. Gaian’s focus on multi-level redundancies ensures minimum failures and minimum unintended operations. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Communication channels
  • Sensory alarms
  • Power sources

Security: Every piece of data that is in the content delivery network is specific to a customer and it’s of prime importance that the data is kept private and secure. Gaian Platform provides a security layer that helps customers keep their data secure. Our key strengths are:

  • End-to-end AES256 encryption
  • Ciphered data
  • OTP256 byte key (per terminal)