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Be the intelligence layer of content services

In the last 12 years of serving content producers, Gaian has had a fulfilling experience as its offerings have enriched content consumers in a high order of magnitude. Our customers—broadcasters, cable TV operators, enterprises, and advertisers—have deployed our products/solutions to add intelligence to their existing content distribution and delivery operations, in turn, maximizing their profitability.

Gaian’s continuously evolving software platform strives to be the distinguished intelligence layer for content delivery networks. We wish to continue to innovate in the areas of content presentation styles, targeted content delivery, content monetization, business intelligence, and analytics.

Even though Gaian’s theme continues to be about maximizing content reach while enhancing content producers’ bottom line, Gaian’s responsibility in content distribution and monetization space is furthered as Gaian’s market positioning demands that it unearths and champions disruptive solutions required by content delivery networks.

A wider reach, a deeper experience, and a higher monetization potential for your content

We live in a content economy. This era of high-speed internet and connected devices is packing a lot of challenges for content delivery networks to serve the right content to the right people at the right time. Gaian’s existence is to help all the actors of the content delivery networks—broadcasters, cable TV operators, enterprises, & advertisers—overcome this very challenge.

Gaian, at a grassroots level, examines the problems that arise and evolve in the content value chain, and enables content delivery networks to leverage on the various business opportunities. Gaian boldly replies to the fundamental challenges faced by content delivery networks with its SINGULAR PLATFORM that primarily unlocks:

  • Rich engagement and interactivity for television and mobile viewers
  • High-precision content and advertisement targeting for localization and monetization

Gaian continues to contribute to the content value chain and enables content providers with the necessary software and hardware tools to cater to the evolving content operations needs.