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OMNI OTT Platform

As a content provider/TV channel operator, OTT TV offering is your silver bullet to effectively retain your existing viewer base, expand your viewer base, and thereby, increase the ad revenues you earn from your media & entertainment services. Gaian’s OMNI (OTT Monetization Novel Invention) is here to do just that. Now you can deliver targeted and contextual content/ads to viewers on any connected device in any location.

OTT isn’t just about streaming TV programming on mobile devices. It means business.

Over the years, several OTT service providers have launched their OTT TV services only to find that it is really just an add-on service for TV viewers. OTT TV has become a cost centre for their company as opposed to being a massive profit making initiative. The primary reason for this is the inability of the OTT technology to enable advertisers to uniquely target each and every individual viewer on the network monetize.

Enter Gaian’s OMNI OTT Framework to realize the real revenues from your OTT service. It gives you a multifold jump in revenues while enhancing the TV viewing experience of your customers.


End-to-end OTT TV App Development & Deployment

Design & develop OTT Service with industry experts at Gaian

Use the best-in-class OTT Content delivery & monetization modules for OTT Service
Expand advertiser base. Increase revenues with advanced ad targeting/programmatic features

Interate Gaian's ad monetization module with your OTT Service

OPEX based model

Gaian’s OMNI OTT Solution to create your next-gen TV

The OMNI OTT solution helps you employ the latest technological advancements in OTT video streaming to capture TV viewers, and then monetize every individual OTT device uniquely.

OTT Content Delivery
A unique TV experience for your viewers
OTT Monetization
The true revenue potential of an OTT TV
Enable viewers to select & view their content of choice.
OTT Stream Analytics & Intelligence
Understand your viewers and their consumption behaviour. Gather intelligence to help advertisers with targeted & contextual ad delivery.
Show the right content to the right viewer at the right time based on their context(persona/location/language/device).
Ad Exchange with sell-side & demand side platform (SSP & DSP)
White-labelled cloud-hosted platform to facilitate advertisers to book and deliver ads & sponsored content.
Interaction & Engagement
Enable viewers to interact and share their TV content/ads.
Contextual & Targeted Advertising
Enable advertisers to uniquely promote in a targeted fashion to your viewers.
App & Feed Integrations
Enrich your TV with content from online/custom/3rd party apps & feeds.
Subscription and VOD Offerings
Offer premium video content to your viewers in subscription or rental or pay per view model.


Global view cloud-hosted dashboard
Personalized overlays/feeds/widgets
Automated & Contextual Program Scheduling
In-Video Interactivity
Social Media integrations
Content curation & feed generation

Video/app/user/demographic analytics
White-labelled Ad exchange
Programmatic & RTB advertising
Targeted advertising with frame accurate Ad splicing
Contextual Advertising
Data mining in big data store

Looking to launch an end-to-end OTT TV?

If you wish to start your OTT TV, Gaian equips you with the complete technology stack to build and deploy your OTT TV service, and end-to-end solutions with customer support