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OMNI TV Everywhere

Over-the-top (OTT) is here to stay.

Video content delivered over a broadband connection, from a source other than the service provider, is a reality that is gaining momentum.

Video consumers are ditching their traditional pay-TV channels and their TV screens, and are moving to internet on their PCs and smart devices. So there is need for operators to provide their content over the internet via mobile apps, make their content more engaging in order to retain their customer base, and also provide targeted advertising to increase revenues.

In response to such growing needs, Gaian offers a feature-rich, reliable, secure, and flexible OTT platform that helps create a 24x7 broadcast-grade playout experience for the mobility sector. The Gaian OMNI Platform helps you create your own content strategy and ad budgeting which increases revenues exponentially.

Protect and increase your customer base despite the disruptive forces.

Experience the TV of tomorrow

Access to advanced analytics

  • Viewer personas
  • Viewer preferences and tastes

Refreshingly new advertisement campaigns for Mobile TV

  • Build interactive ads to increase engagement
  • Target a specific fan-base
  • Target based on demographics/age groups
  • Target based on geo-location

User engagement and monetization

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