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nDVR/Cloud DVR

Network DVR

Network DVR (nDVR) is a game changer for both consumers and service providers. In the connected world, do people prefer to sit before TVs to watch recorded shows? We think not.

Empower your customers to take their favorite shows with them to any place and on any device by bringing subscriber-recorded programming into the cloud with Gaian’s Cloud DVR.

Combine the innovative portfolio of your services with our deep experience in video space and enable new capabilities that elevate the value of your existing video content.

Record from Anywhere. Watch on any device. Offer independently monetizable content services.

Gaian helps operators make most of the nDVR opportunity by seamlessly integrating our technology with your app. The Gaian DVR app allows your consumers to log into their accounts and record or watch the desired content from anywhere. Cloud DVR unlocks new capital and operational savings, while providing unprecedented insights into how, when and where the content is consumed. All this adds up to exciting new opportunities to personalize the DVR experience while growing revenues, too.

Background delivery of apps/advertisements/on-demand content over carousal

Consumer uses mobile app for all interactive fulfillment actions

Cloud nDVR

Smart Pitcher-Catcher + Mobile app enables real-time out-of-band interactivity

Cloud based dvr

Full interactive user experience is therefore realised seamlessly

Cloud dvr software
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