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Transit Video Network


Earn Advert. Revenues
Increase Brand Visibility
Enhance Passenger Assistance
Enhance Customer Engagement
Reduce Perceived Waiting Time
Valuable Alerts like Weather Report & News

Gaian’s state-of- the-art cloud-based digital signage solution allows companies to control screens in remote locations uniquely and in groups. Gaian’s digital signage is built on top of its broadcast grade technology platform. It provides complete control over when and how content is shown on the signage screens/displays.


Social Media Integration
Inbuilt Content Feeds & Apps
Announcement Management
Remote Administration
Monitoring & Analytics

Advertising makes tremendous leaps to keep pace with modern world. Brand/product owners who used to stick with conventional signs are moving towards digital solutions. Gaian’s bus digital solution enables a network of buses to uniquely show contextual passenger information and promotional material during transit. It is the preferred information dissemination platform for public and private transport networks.