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Hospitality Digital Signage

Hospitality digital signage

Gaian’s Hospitality Video Network, a set of smart connected digital signages, enables restaurants, resorts and other hospitality service providers to engage and communicate with their guests by showcasing their services, facilities and amenities along with infotainment, local news and events.


Cloud based
Centrally managed
Custom feeds
Multiple Interactivities
Prebuilt apps such as Weather and Travel
Location specific news
Cloud based design tools
Video on-Demand Service
Social media integration
Channel creation

Hospitality Video Network enables you to display dynamic content and achieve a lot more than what the traditional solutions can. It provides a medium to communicate without being intrusive and is a perfect medium for customer engagement. It enables you to differentiate your brand and increase visibility.

The Gaian Advantage

Enhanced visitor experience
Personalized media experience
Consistent and enhanced branding
Increased ability to upsell and cross sell
Ad monetization
Decreased perceived waiting times
Staff training and feedback
Intuitive user interface

Typically, you can deploy these solutions in lobbies and other high traffic areas. You can also customize the content for different areas based on the type of users there could be and the kind of information they might be looking for. Our solution works with all delivery modes such as digital displays, interactive kiosks, and video walls.

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