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Education TV

Digital Education makes tremendous leaps to keep pace with modern world. Every educational establishment is going digital to improve the overall education experience.

Targeted information  dissemination
Scheduled & Contextual Communications
Announcement Management System
Rich media presentations & built-in templates
Incorporate contextual advertising from affiliates and partners
Integrate live online & Social Media feeds

Digital communications with rich media graphics & animations helps you engage your staff, students, & parents like never before; and the power of engaging the audience with a click of a button is what makes the difference. Gaian’s Education TV offering is here to do just that, improve education experience in the schools / colleges / institutes / campuses in an extremely cost-effective manner.


Give your teachers / students a voice
Highlight & showcase with digital notice boards
Personalized information for students
Create a fun & cooperative learning environment
Go beyond the textbooks to impart life lessons & social responsibility
Modernize administration and alerting

The Gaian Advantage

Extremely easy to use technology
Starter pack with customized education presentations
Easy subscriptions to major educational feeds with Gaian’s Content as a Service (CaaS)
Best price & value
Comprehensive  customer support & consulting
A trusted partner
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