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Conveying important messages, accomplishments, and information, and having a grievance redressal mechanism in place is an important aspect of governance. Clearly, effective communication is the need of the hour.

Gaian Solutions provides a robust solution which addresses these needs and also helps reduce the cost of disseminating information to public.

Government offices, law enforcement agencies, and judicial organizations can use our solutions and harness the power of cloud to disseminate information quickly, in real-time, and in a cost effective way.

Government institutions realize the benefits of a comprehensive information dissemination system across all channels of communication, which is extremely extensible. The standards to which the solution is built, helps governments achieve their communication goals in a safe, secure, and sustained manner.

Gaian’s Digital Signage Solutions help government organizations in effectively conveying messages/information to the public. All the content can be managed from a single location and pushed to relevant locations seamlessly. Powerful cloud platform allows managing content dynamically and provide localized content very easily. Content can be scheduled easily as per location, time of the day, and day of the week.

Broaden your reach and engage your stake holders in the digital world

Public Venue Display System acts as a powerful medium to take information to public in a cost effective and dynamic way. Public Venue Display System fully harnesses the power of Cloud platform.

Additionally, Queue Management and Alerting Systems help to effectively disseminate important announcements almost instantaneously.

Value additions

  • Create awareness about key policy initiatives, welfare schemes, and achievements.
  • Convey important messages quickly on real time.
  • Integrate various utility apps like weather, transport timings, stock market quotes etc.
  • Reduce information overload and provide relevant information.
  • Reduce burden on helpdesk/information staff.
  • Monitor screens remotely.
  • Easy to use solution with minimal staff expertise.
  • Integrate live TV feeds.

Railway Display Network The largest DOOH network in the world
Federal Emergency System Emergency Information Dissemination System
Indian Meteorological Dept. Weather Information Dissemination System
Bus Display Network DOOH network for a State-wide Bus Network
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