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Digital OOH Advertising

Digital ooh advertising

As someone running an out of home ad network, you already have several screens that you manage across different locations. You already have your hands full finding the right locations for your displays and handling business operations. You are further burdened with the operational headache of making sure that you source all the ads and display them on each screen as promised to your clients—all these within tight deadlines.

GaiaTV Platform understands such a business usecase and offers a solution to add immense value to your home ad network while hugely reducing your operational headaches.

Experience GaiaTV’s OOH advertising solution to converts your OOH business into a truly digital OOH business:

  • Send targeted content to specific set of screens to be played during a specific time interval
  • Update the schedule and introduce a new ad within minutes
  • Get detailed reports, which contains ad information, for any screen
  • Provide completely new ad units with 3D graphics
  • Display relevant information such as news and updates
  • Enable your advertisers to upload their content to a portal and bid for time slots
  • Control your operations remotely from your office
  • Convert any TV into Smart TV
  • Plug n Play Solution
  • Central and affiliate(branch) Control
  • Multiple Video Sources
  • Monetize your Content & Earn Revenue

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