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Corporate Video Networks

Corporate video network

Video is the most effective communication medium and is gaining widespread adoption in enterprises for internal & external branding, on premise customer experience and information dissemination to improve operational efficiency.

An enterprise video network provides exponential value to enterprises with multiple branches spread across locations by ensuring consistency of messaging, uniformity in customer and employee engagement and timeliness of delivery.

The GaiaTV platform provides a holistic approach to the enterprise video network by combining the strengths of Digital Signage, IPTV, Cloud Playout, Ad Insertion and Content Contextualization into one impactful solution. In combination with Social Media Integration, Token/Resource Management, multi-form factor support and analytics - the platform truly helps redefine TV for the connected world.

Corporate communication solutions

Gaian Solutions is uniquely positioned to enable organizations to embrace the true power of video networks with its vast experience in content delivery and several firsts to its name.

Corporate digital signage solutions

Gaian is the:

  • First to deploy a media satellite delivery solution in cruise ships
  • First to deploy an IPTV network in China internet broadcast network (a state sponsored deployment)
  • First to deploy regional news localization on a satellite TV channel
  • First to work with one of India's leading ocean information provider for early natural disaster warning dissemination across multiple media

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