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Video Wall Solutions

Video wall solutions

Video wall enables you to offer interactivity and engagement—to your customers, at your premises. You can set up multiple or large single TV displays and a kiosk that your visitors can use to interact with the displays.

The platform has the ability to provide HD and super HD resolution for Video Walls.

Video walls are shown to add stickiness at your premise by engaging customer interactions. The following graphic shows how you can setup a video wall at your premise and facilitate:


  • Creatively position screens of any size or shape.
  • Easily install and control up to 128 screens.
  • Enhance outreach and experiences using multiple streams.
  • Centrally Cloud Operated: Manage screen content from anywhere.
  • Rich media delivery: Publish high-definition content & creative 3D animations.
  • Real-time updates: Showcase real-time online feeds from social networks & video streams.

Add stickiness at your venues with engaging customer interactions

Interactive video wall

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