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Targeting Platform

Targeted content delivery platform

As a broadcaster, cable or content delivery provider, there is no dearth of information in terms of TV content, alerts, announcements, news, graphics, ads, social media content, apps, surveys, or polls; but, are these short-lived content pieces being consumed by your users in an effective manner?

In this information era, it is a growing concern for content providers to ensure their content reaches the right audience.

The panacea for all information consumption challenges is targeted delivery of content.

Experience the power of targeted content delivery with GaiaTV Platform—enhance your customer’s viewing experience while effectively monetizing content feeds in the TV streams.

Targeting content and channel playback schedule - opportunities for TV broadcasters and cable operators

GaiaTV Platform seamlessly integrates with the existing broadcast system requiring minimal to no operator intervention on a day to day basis.

With the help of GaiaTV platform, a broadcaster can leverage content localization mechanism for ad and content stream targeting. Content localization refers to an ability to broadcast geo-specific content.

Broadcasters, with the help of GaiaTV Platform, can control all the ad feeds (Full-screen video ad splice & Overlay graphics ad substitution) from a central location, which appears in different geographies. Below is an illustration of how a broadcaster sends Main Feeds & Localized Ad Feeds to different broadcast locations (MSOs) from the channel headquarters:

Targeted content localization platform

With GaiaTV Platform integrated in the broadcast, broadcasters can customize the content scheduled during commercial breaks for different regions distinctly.

GaiaTV specifies 4 ways of targeting content and schedules to GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs. The targeting can happen in one of the following ways: Zone, Latitude/Longitude, MAC ID, & Headend.


Classifies GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs based on broadcaster specified zones.

Typically, if a broadcaster caters to a wide variety of audience and has classified them based on zones, then the broadcaster can send different content/schedules files to different zones.

For example, a broadcaster may want to identify the broadcast in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala as SOUTH INDIA zone; and Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, & Chennai as METRO zone.


Classifies GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs based on its latitude and longitude coordinates.

A broadcaster can view where all the GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs are placed on the map, and specify latitude/longitude coordinates in Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM), which enclose all the targeted GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs, which must receive a specific content and playback schedule.


Classifies GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs based on its MAC ID, which identifies an IRD uniquely.

Every GaiaTV Hybrid IRD has a unique MAC ID. Therefore, if a broadcaster wants to target content/schedule at a specific GaiaTV Hybrid IRD, then the broadcaster can send content to the required IRD using its unique MAC ID.


Classifies GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs based on which headend it belongs to.

The primary difference in classifying GaiaTV Hybrid IRDs based on Zones and Headend is that there can be a GaiaTV Hybrid IRD that belongs to multiple zones, but there cannot a GaiaTV Hybrid IRD that belongs to two different Headends.

Targeted content localization

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