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Edge Ad Insertion for Mobility

Ad insertion on TV and Mobile

The next generation of consumers is watching TV content whenever and wherever they want and ad monetization is the major source of revenues for majority of businesses in the video industry. Ad insertion for connected devices needs to support the same functionality as traditional broadcast methods, as well as provide new options based on content transmission over IP.

Blurring the lines between online video and Television, Gaian brings scalable technology to a market that is demanding advanced advertising capabilities across all screens. Using our centralized platform, you can simplify advertising workflows across on-demand or linear programming delivered through the traditional or next generation OTT platforms.

We partner with service providers, content providers, and ad agencies to monetize videos delivered to consumers at any time, on any device, on any platform.

Effective mobile real-estate utilization

Targeted ad insertion

In the OTT space, ad insertion takes a whole new outlook as it includes big data store, data mining, group population, and analytics. For more information, see OTT page .

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