VOD server, Video on demand server, Video on demand platform

VOD Server

VOD server

The VOD Gaian Media Platform (VGMP) is a 4U server providing on‐demand content streaming based on an RTSP 1.2 protocol. VGMP is fully integrated with SGMP and the Gaian’s IPTV Portal.

The VOD server integrates with network DVR(Digital Video Recorder) to record the multicast transmission and stream the content on demand.


  • Supports 700 sessions at 2MBps
  • GMP grid controller: injects and acts as an RTSP proxy server.
  • Media Controller: validates assets, generates trick files, and uploads the assets.
  • Gaian monitoring service: monitors health of Streaming Engine
  • Streaming Engine: processes the client request and streams based on request protocol.

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