HTML5 TV App framework, Paas for cable operators


TV Apps framework

Gaian Solutions offers a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for cable operators. The platform is a multi-tenant HTML5 app suite targeting B2B & B2C segments with rich media content delivery or consumption needs.

The platform provides packaged apps as a delivery wrapper for the distribution needs of consumers as well as businesses intending to consume or provide television based VAS wide application wrappers.

The platform’s self-care portal, which can be white-labeled, provides all the workflow operations that an advertiser or a service provider needs to manage their content delivery operations. Hence, this makes it the business gateway to an organization’s content operations.

Gaian's HTML5 TV App Framework - Application Layer

TV Apps for targeted advertising
  • Run-time environment required for application’s life cycle
  • Deployment on managed networks and unmanaged networks
  • Integration with Adwize Agent for targeted advertising

Authenticated TV apps
  • Application management capabilities
  • User authentication and account information management
  • Parental control and content rating
  • Data downloads queuing, periodic data refresh, and caching

TV apps with web services
  • Live data retrieval via RSS feeds, web services, and third-party sources
  • Data configuration and loading according to subscriber’s location

TV apps for live feeds
  • Enhanced user retention by providing other information such as Weather, Stock updates, News, and Sports updates
  • Configurable through operations director or cloud
  • Provisioning subscriber preferred data

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