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IPTV Solutions

IPTV solutions

Enhance your TV viewing experience and increase customer retention using our world class technology which supports targeted & contextual advertising, detailed analytics of customer behavior while managing all operations from a central location.

Give your users what they crave and improve your bottom line!

The Gaian’s IPTV Solution converts each television set into a selling device and entertainment centre for end consumers. The Gaian IPTV transforms the television experience not only within a house but also across connected devices.

The Gaian’s IPTV system is an end‐to‐end digital TV broadcast system capable of acquiring video content from various sources and encoding it as a series of encrypted Internet Protocol data packets to be transmitted over network infrastructures. At the end user location, a set‐top box or similar device receives these digital signals and decodes them for viewing on a television set.

System Architecture

At the highest level, Gaian IPTV consists of a central facility called a network operations center (NOC) and one or more headends. The headend supports Gaian’s distributed architecture model by providing IPTV services to a local‐, wide‐, campus‐, or metropolitan‐area network.

Gaian IPTV is an ideal solution for scalable installations with an existing IP network infrastructure (e.g., telco, LAN/WAN, satellite transmission, etc.). Even legacy cable networks can used to transmit digital signals, thanks to inexpensive DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) technology.

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The Subsystems

NOC: The NOC is the central hub for IPTV program content and scheduling, associated program metadata, security/authentication, and system monitoring and control.

OD: The Operations Director (OD) at the NOC uses a secured channel to:

  • Control and automate all NOC processes
  • Define channels, assets, and schedules
  • Provide one or more administrator stations for quality checking and system configuration tasks.

In addition, the OD receives a backhaul signal from each headend which it uses to monitor performance, provide remote control functions, and synchronize the database at the NOC with each headend for reporting accuracy.

Portal: The IPTV Portal provides interactive services, enabling end users to create personal accounts, set up parental controls, order a movie, or record their favorite shows.

The IPTV Portal (Web application servers and load balancer) at each headend can monitor it daily to ensure optimum performance.

IPTV monitoring includes:

  • Checking the number of set‐top box connections
  • Checking the number of database connections
  • Monitoring IPTV Portal CPU and memory statistics
  • Monitoring/purging IPTV Portal log files

The Salient Features:

IPTV on demand services

Live TV and On Demand Services

Enhance your viewer's television viewing experience through Live TV channels and services like video on demand.


Provide your customers access to interactive applications like e-mail, messenger, along with location based live updates of cloud feeds like weather, stocks, news, sports, traffic.

Interactive IPTV

Fully integrated social media apps allowing your consumers to access various social media feeds like Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube.

IPTV advertising platform

Rich Advertising Platform

Real-time cloud based ad aggregation and delivery network can be used to play banner, picture and video ads.

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Back office Management

comprehensive Back office dashboard provides the MSO with real-time monitoring of individual systems from a central location. This includes patterns in consumer behaviour, network behaviour and even device behaviour.

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