Video content analytics platform, Video content analytics

Analytics Platform

Video content analytics platform

Strong analytics help business stakeholders make forecasts and help them steer towards more profitable ventures. In the video streaming space, capturing analytics is a challenge as the video is streamed to a gamut of devices—Smart TVs, mobiles, and connected devices—and is consumed differently by different user groups.

Intuitions are helpful in business but data driven decisions are the key to success.

If you are a broadcaster, a content service provider, or an OTT player running a video streaming service who is looking to drastically change the way your users interact with your software application, GaiaTV Platform’s analytics is the approach for the long haul.

Video content analytics

Analytics help you analyze and understand different data—psychographic, demographic, location, and device. When delivering content to the millions, GaiaTV’s analytics drives immense value by helping you monitor the broadcast environment and understand usage patterns, among other detailed parameters, that are mined by the analytics server.

Content analytics platform
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