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Content Distribution Framework (CDF)

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Content distribution framework

Between 2011 and early 2014, the number of urban television consumers watching time-shifted content increased from 30% to 43%. This highly demands an intelligent video delivery platform that helps content owners and distributors add new time-shifted services, reduce distribution costs and more precisely manage content in multi-screen delivery deployments.

Increasingly, consumers expect their content to be available anywhere, anytime, on any device, and want to view that content with DVR controls like record, time delay, pause or repeat.

After extensive research and testing, Gaian’s Pitcher-Catcher Technology enriches live TV experiences, adapts for multi-screen viewing, and offers new ways of delivering live content alongside dynamic & targeted ad insertion for highly customized viewing experiences.


  • Push content based on opportunistic bandwidth utilization
  • Define rules for targeted delivery of content to multiple locations
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
  • Multiple channels based priorities for bandwidth utilization
  • Bandwidth reservation/RSVP approach
  • Enhanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) for noisy informant
  • Independent transmission by packetizing larger content blocks into smaller blocks
  • Retries, retransmissions, rebroadcast of individual blocks with rich control protocol
  • Remote server synchronization based on Watch folder/ Hot folder concept
  • Agnostic approach to delivery mediums
  • Encrypted and fully secure delivery model


Content distribution network
Available as a license server or as Gaian hosted service
Video delivery platform
Customizable/configurable system
Content delivery framework
End to end secured solution/platform
Content delivery network
Rich content scheduling

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