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Welcome to Gaian!

Gaian celebrates its 12th anniversary this year. It was a great 12 years and we, as a company, were able to serve a wide range of our customers with our content delivery products, which substantially improved their businesses.

Value creation through innovation, that’s our motto.

Innovating continuously and relentlessly is what sets us apart. Our products evolve continuously to meet the growing customer needs. And what’s more, we are going beyond the existing needs and are dreaming up and developing disruptive technologies for the future.

Our business is not a zero-sum game.

We focus on generating value for everyone—employees, shareholders, and customers. Profitability, for us, is just one side of the coin; we strongly work towards making the world a better place to live in. Our success doesn’t come from anyone’s loss, we create wealth. We tend to put ourselves out of our comfort zone; as individuals, as teams, and as a company. We are fearless and believe that real lasting success comes to those who are courageous.

Our canvas is big. Our imaginations are big and we are supremely confident in our destiny
because we shape it ourselves—through our actions and our work.

One of our greatest strengths is inspiring people and making leaders out of them. Human talent when nurtured and extracted can yield dramatic returns. There is an inherent talent in every human being and miracles happen when we nurture the talent and create a canvas for them to succeed.

The Gaian phenomenon is an ongoing saga. Our strength lies in our people;
the thinking minds are the most valuable resources.

There’s no success without pain or failure. Initial success may be easy, beginner’s luck or god given. But lasting success comes when you back yourself up. Stretch yourself beyond limits. And that’s what we do at Gaian. Our drive for innovation leads us to roads untraveled and territories unknown, and it is our courage which helps us overcome the fear of unknown and excel at what we do. Where people see challenges, we see opportunities.